Functional Fitness

1:1 Private Training  &  Small Group Classes

​​We realize that physical needs and motor abilities vary.  Our coaches offer tailored and individually designed programs to meet every need and target specific goals.

Incorporating proven techniques, philosophies and principles of physical fitness, we believe this individualized approach is beneficial and can be applied to all individuals seeking to improve their mental and physical well-being through a fitness program that is effective and FUN! 

​Individual sessions and small group classes have the specific goal of growing and strengthening connections between the brain and the body so that muscle learning can occur. 

Participants needing facilitation are encouraged to invite their home aide to attend class with them at no additional charge.

Each program is designed to start at the current level of the individual.  We provide the challenge, you set the pace.  1:1 sessions and group classes are high energy and offer the following benefits:

​-  circuit training in stations
-  kickboxing for fitness
-  mixed media (groups together the best of different types of workouts)

-  stress release

-  aerobic challenge

-  movement coordination

-  improved core strength​​​​ and stability

The Vision

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