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The Legacy Center is managed and funded by the Help Us Speak (HUS) Legacy Foundation, a non-profit 501c3 organization.


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in house programs and services


Our core programs focus on literacy, where that term equates to competence. Our programs embrace technology as an access tool leveling the playing field for those that are impactfully challenged.  We offer options for access strategies and assistive devices to provide the best possible opportunity for engagement and participation.

From our beginnings as a non-profit, we have been committed to growing fundamental educational skills related to reading, language, and communication with a focus on the connections between the brain and body and how this effects individual neuro-motor systems.  Some 10 years later, this same ideology still drives us today. The experiences and successes we've been a part of over the years have only deepened our commitment to bring meaningful educational and social opportunities to individuals, their families, and the community at large.


     * Spelling To Communicate (S2C)

     * Student Academic Skills Support (SASS)

     * Reading, Language, communiCation Practice (RLC)

     *  REACH to Teach  - learning  fundamentals (RTT)

     *  MUSE - 22+ Intellectual /creative immersion   

     *  Colorful minds - 1:1 Art sessions

      *  Socials - Meetups for ages 18+

     *  camps - Spring, summer, winter



     *  other rotating programs (outside instructors)