Our programs are based on the principles of universal design for learning, taking into account movement, motor control and coordination, along with processing challenges in the areas of auditory, visual, and hearing capacities.  Our curriculum inherently lessens the motor load so that our students spend less energy on trying to "motor" their body to perform and can instead focus on using their cognitive abilities to understand, participate, focus and grow skills.  By applying specific techniques to overcome motor challenges and support attention and impulsivity, individuals grow in their confidence, participation and accuracy of intentional movement.

Mind and

Body Alignment

Skills Practice

Spelling to Communicate (S2C)

This is a a progressive 1:1 skills practice program that is designed to develop intentional motor skills needed to point to letters in order to spell out thoughts and ideas. Working with stencil boards, letterboards, keyboards, and screens, individuals grow in their confidence to spell-to-communicate by developing accuracy, independence and progression in their own ability to express themselves, advance academically, and integrate into the community.

Student Academic Skill Support (SASS)

Students meet weekly with an individual tutor to develop and sharpen language, academic and communication skills.  An informal assessment identifies key strengths and areas of challenge and a tailored tutoring program is developed to work towards identified goals based on parent input. 

REACH to Teach (RTT)

This 5 week small group class is offered seasonally and involves both student and parent.  Our format takes into account the motor-mind disconnect that is sometimes present (but often not identified) in exceptional learners.  Our curriculum inherently lessens the motor load so that our students spend less energy on trying to "motor" their body to perform and can instead focus on using their cognitive abilities to understand and participate in the class and with their peers. We believe that each learner's experience is enhanced by the person attending class with them so we have mandatory training classes for facilitators before classes begin.  The facilitator and student interaction is a symbiotic relationship and we believe that a strong and confident facilitator is essential to maximize a learner's positive learning experience.

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A Literacy-Based Approach

Our curriculum is engaging, challenging and uniquely our own.  We believe that learning happens at all levels, in individual ways, and that the more ways a student has to access the material, the more likely their success in learning.​ ​​


​​Every communication method has a place in our world, be it letterboard, QWERTY/ALPHA keyboard, eye gaze, choice selection, or other.  We believe an individual's communication method is as unique as their own personality and is something developed over time, not simply put in front of them.