​Spelling to communicate (S2C)

What is the purpose?

Spelling to Communicate (S2C) teaches individuals with motor challenges purposeful motor skills necessary to point to letters to spell as an alternative means of communication (AAC). 

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Who is this for?

This program is for individuals who have difficulty using spoken language (speech) to communicate.  They may be non-speaking or have some speech, but are not able to use it reliably for academic or personal communication.  This is a parent commitment program with expectations that session times will be used as training for the individual, but also for parents and members of the persons support team.  The intention is not to continue sessions indefinitely, but to evolve skills to the level that others are able to facilitate and support the individual's communication outside of sessions.

How is progression accomplished?

Spelling to communicate starts with an informal assessment given in the form of a lesson to determine what level of practice is needed for an individual to develop the intentional motor skills needed for pointing to letters in order to spell out their thoughts and ideas. By applying specific techniques to overcome motor challenges and support attention and impulsivity, individuals grow in their confidence to spell to communicate by developing accuracy, independence, and progression in their own ability to express themselves, advance academically, and integrate into community. The ultimate goal is to “synchronize cognitive thought with motor intent” thereby building a sustainable and reliable communication method that can be generalized into all aspects of life.  Progression is based on skill attainment and not a preconceived length of time.