(on hold but not forgotten)

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 The Legacy Center  |  818-458-1656  |  info@theLCnet.com

It's a fact, we miss our in-person gatherings and time together. We share many fond memories of our socials, camps and events. Enjoy this nostalgic tribute to days gone by at the Legacy Center, pre-COVID 19. We can't wait to get back to a physical presence but meanwhile, we invite you to come visit us at the L.C.O. and experience some of our content and group virtual engagement. Free to drop in, just send us an email and we'll send you a link to our next meetup.

Our pivot to a virtual existence because of the COVID-19 pandemic challenged us to tap into our creativity and pushed us to adapt. The result allowed us a way to maintain our connection to our in-person participants via virtual engagement that we feel, in many respects, brings us even closer as a community. Check out the L.C.O. where we come together to explore, discover, and create.